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I hate adults who think there are only two ways to talk to young people.

1, Talking down to you, treating you like a child. Even if you are a child this particular tone they use is really condescending. It's not just treating you like a child; it's treating you like an imbecile who has to be forced to listen.

2, Talking to you like you're their age whether you're six or sixteen. Using words they think are above your reading level, talking about politics and business and shit, etc. And if you don't know what something they say means, they get this "Oh ignorant baby" smile and start talking to you like number 1.

And the really messed up thing is they don't do 2 because they think you're smart and mature and can make good conversation on those topics. They do it to test you, to see how far your knowledge goes before they can surpass you and essentially show you who's superior.

I acknowledge your age, and I treat you as an equal because you are my equal. I'm not magically better or more deserving of respect just because I'm several years older than you. You're not "just a kid/preteen/teenager/etc." You're a real human being with real thoughts and emotions. Everything you feel is valid. You are an independent individual being, not part or an extension of the people who birthed you. You don't deserve to be treated as less than human or like an idiot who doesn't know anything.

You're still growing and learning and should be commended for any and every little thing you learn and make and feel. Even after your body finishes growing and maturing, your heart and mind and soul will never stop.

You should be treated like your age. Meaning keeping your emotional and physical maturity in mind while talking to you, and giving you every bit of dignity and respect you deserve, NEVER condescending or talking down to you.

You are so much more and so much better than that, and any adult who thinks otherwise can go suck a dickbutt.


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United States
I'm Melmel, a 22 year old genderqueer nerdlord. Please use they/them pronouns.

I'm in lots of fandoms, I listen to lots of music, and I make lots of puns.

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